Frank C. Raccioppi III

Urban Assault Gear


EDC (Every Day Carry)

City,  Country,  Traveling or just business as usual,  EDC  is compact & tough holding your CCW (Concealed Carry),  extra ammo,  knife & backup,  Tablets & backup power sources... the EDC is necessary for the man always moving throughout the day.

EDC Gear & Equipment


Hurricanes,  Blizards,  storms,  fires,  being stranded on the side of the road or worse situations that have been plaguing America in the last few years... You need an Emergency GoBag stashed in your car,  your wifes car and in your home.  Gear to hold you over until the threat passes or your situation changes to keep you safe healthy & comfortable.

GoBags Gear & Equipment

BugOut Bags

more technical than a GoBag,  your BugOut Bag is something you do not want to use,  its the worst case scenario,  time to flee for days,  this is survival plain and simple,  there is a threat that caused you to have to flee,  now adapt,  regroup and overcome.

BugOut Bags: Gear & Equipment